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This feed is provided by me (Isaac) from a scanner located north of Litchfield IL. The audio is streamed over the internet to where their servers allow for a large number of users to listen from anywhere in the world. When I was 18 years old I along with many other people were heavily involved in the first responders for a small community. We had pagers, radios, and even the old fire siren uptown to notify us of a Fire. Our frequency was only used for our department and could not hear Macoupin 911. That’s when I started getting into scanners. I started my research on frequencies and met some of the people who still help me today. Back then, a scanner was not on a priority list for me and getting one was hard. Once, I finally got one and found out that you could broadcast it online I was interested in doing so for other people. I thought instead of people going out and buying a scanner, I could provide the frequencies and then stream for them without them having to buy or having the daunting task of programming one.

Online Scanner
This project originally started in 2009 when the scanner was first put on a Teamspeak server for listening. The online scanner was submitted to Radio Reference server on December 9th 2011. On October 15th 2012, Radio Reference started to host their online feeds on Currently most of the online feeds are being served by On January 24th 2018, with enough funds from advertisements, I purchased a digital scanner, new antenna, and software for the online feed.

Highest Peak Listeners was May 1st 2023 at 1015 Listeners at 2:03PM , Multi vehicle accident on I55 with fatalities due to dust storm.

2nd Peak Listeners was August 9th 2021 at 1014 with accident on I55.

3rd Peak Listeners was March 22nd 2021 at 454 when trying to catch Litchfield Shooter

4th highest peak listeners was May 3rd 2021 at 354 listeners at 8:00PM. (Walmart Fire Litchfield)

5th highest peak listeners was October 17th 2020 at 315 listeners at 4:35PM. (Wild Fires) is the Broadcastify page for the feed. This site has alot of options for the feed. is the page I manage along with information I have collected. If you see an error or something needs fixed please shoot me an email.

Facebook Statistics
The Scan Macoupin Facebook page was created on January 1st 2010.
July 13th 2012 1,000 Likes (2 Years 7 Months 13 days)
May 31st 2014 2,000 Likes (10 months 18 Days)
July 26th 2015 3000 Likes (1 year 1 Month 27 Days)
April 6th 2016 4000 Likes (8 Months 12 Days)
December 19th 2016 5000 Likes (8 Months 14 Days)
November 21st 2017 6000 Likes (11 Months 3 Days)
January 29th 2018 7000 Likes (2 Months 9 Days)

June 5th 2018 8000 Likes (4 Months 7 Days)

August 19th 2018 9000 Likes (2 Months 13 Days)

October 9th 2018 10,000 Likes (1 Month 19 Days)

March 26th 2019 11,000 Likes (5 Months 18 Days)

November 5th 2019 12,000 Likes (7 Months 10 Days)

March 20th 2020 13,000 Likes (4 Months 15 Days)

March 14th 2021 14,000 Likes (11 Months 22 Days)

July 3rd 2022 15,000 Likes (1 year 3 months 18 days)


July 13th 2023 17,000 likes 


On November 30th 2015 I received enough donations through GoFund Me to host a domain name for 5 years.

June 21st 2018 the website new website format was launched.  


Approximate Feed Coverage

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