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Can you have a police beat or listing of crimes for the county like they put in the democrat.

I do post the Enquirer-Democrat Courthouse news from time to time. You can also goto


Would like to be notified on the Scan Macoupin facebook when there is a serious crime happening.

When incidents are happening and I am monitoring the radio I post them on the facebook page. I do have a job, family, and things to do just like everybody else, so I do not always get ALL the different things happening. This is when my listeners come in handy because 70% of the time someone is listening and someone knows, so post it on the facebook page :). 


Could you post Macoupin 10 most wanted criminals?

As far as the 10 most wanted, Illinois State Police is the only resource I found with the listings for most wanted in our area. is the list the ISP maintains I do not believe Macoupin County distributes a list. I am not sure when it gets updates so currently its not something I plan on posting.


Could you include more law definitions, law history facts, county courthouse news?

I can get some law definitions and the ones I have done you can find on the Scan Macoupin's facebook under notes on the top of the page. For the courthouse news you can goto search "Court house news" up on the top right corner.


Could you provide location of accidents (traffic)?

Again, if I am listening to the radio and I hear the call I can post the location of accidents. More times then not I do not hear the call and find out at a later time about them. So if I do catch the call I will post details.


Can you post any calls having to do with Carlinville fire department?

This scanner monitors ALL 9-1-1  traffic from northern to southern Macoupin County. So when a 9-1-1 call comes in and is paged out, it is over one frequency and this frequency is scanned. You can tell its a

9-1-1 frequency by all the high and low pitched tones. If I am monitoring the radio I will post some 9-1-1 calls on the facebook page.


Can you post more pictures of town fire departments cops ambulances?

I can! One problem I have is I cannot goto every fire department and police departments asking for pictures, I am not sure they would like that. So the shots I do get I take when I see them out of the sheds or parked somewhere. I am always looking for pictures and anyone can submit pictures to me [email protected]


Radar graphs are great

Radar graphs are great but the problem with posting weather on Scan Macoupin is its such a diverse group of people that use it. Some could be from Chicago or maybe even a different country so I limit weather information. For local weather information, you can always goto your local National Weather Service website or for more personal pages goto OR


Seems to be frequently unoperational?

I am a one man show. I update the websites, keep the scanners running, use computers and laptops for streams, etc. So when one thing goes down it tends to bring the rest down to. I have have problems with bad audio cables or power cords dying on me. Could be something every day but I try my best to keep it up 24/7. If it is down when your wanting to hear it give it some time and try it again, a lot of times the computer updated, or the router messed up.


Maybe an emergence tone if needed?
There is no way possible for this request. The only thing I can say is have facebook notification on your phone so when I post something you get a message saying something has been posted on the facebook page. Using a tone would be illegal because I am not any business and what I do is strictly a hobby and nothing else.


Sometimes I cannot pick up anything at all. Not sure if it is my phone though but even if I go on the website it is silent.

You cannot listen to the feed on the website with a phone, you have to have some sort of app to use your phone. The scanner is not always active. We don't have much problems like a larger county would have so its just not as active. Give it time and you will hear some talking. It may be a 9-1-1 call it maybe a sheriff starting his duty. You never know until you listen. Also, if its quiet for some time and you hear a buzz, that's normal that buzz comes from the audio cable from the scanner to the computer and is perfectly fine. You have any issues please let me know!


If possible a feed into the towns scanners so during fires and ems we could listen?

Scan Macoupin County monitors ALL public safety throughout Macoupin County. For ALL local law enforcement they use one frequency and it is on the feed. Also for ems and fire departments they are ALL pages out on one frequency that frequency is on the feed.


What are the chances of starting a. Madison county feed?

Chances of ME starting one are slim. I do have friends that provide feed for Madison County. Goto and click the county you would like to listen to. Now time for little background. At my location I am between Montgomery and Macoupin County so I can pick up both counties frequency quit well because I am close to the towers. For Madison County its a long stretch for me to pick up frequencies down there. If someone was in Southwestern Macoupin County Madison County would come in clear, but not where this scanner is.

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