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First and Last Name

Branch Of Service: Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Army etc.

Nicknames: Any nickname in or out of the military.

Date Of Birth - Month/Day/4 Digit Year.

Date Of Death - If Applicable. Can be the year, you can list if they died in combat and what war.

Years Of Service - Total years of ALL service.

Rank - Private, Airman, Seaman, Specialist etc.

Unit - What direct unit they were apart of.

E-Mail - This is an email that I may contact with any information I may need.

Person Born In Macoupin County - If they were not born they must reside in Macoupin County to be on the page.

Person From Macoupin County - If they aren't from Macoupin, But were born in Macoupin they can be on the page.

Battles/Wars - War On Terrorism, Vietnam War, WW 2, Gulf War ETC.

Also list if they received any medal from the wars or battles listed.

This purpose is to list either veterans (past or present) from Macoupin County or born in Macoupin County on Veterans Day. Depending on how many sign up, I will post the picture I am provided along with the information below within the 15 hours or so, on Veteran Day. It could be a new veteran posted every 15 minutes, or every hour depending on the quantity I receive.

Thanks! Message sent.

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